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in New York State, Period.

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Simply provide your medical history of a
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Once approved you’ll receive a notification
from the state and your card will arrive a
couple days later in the mail.

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Super Fast & Easy To Use

Registering only takes a few minutes
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Stay on top of your appointments
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HIPAA compliant cannabis platform.

Helpful Tools & Support That Have Your Back

Educational resources, trusted
cannabis information, and useful
tools to help you get the most out of
your medical marijuana program.
Don’t worry, we got your back 😀

No Complicated,
Buggy Apps To Install

Our telehealth platform was
developed from the ground up to
ensure the best user experience
possible. That means safer & more
reliable teleconferencing without any
third-party or video apps to install.
Sorry no Zoom-bombs here 💣️

Frequently Asked Questions

For Patients

Who qualifies for medical cannabis?

Each state that has a medical cannabis program, has its own specific list of qualifying conditions for participation in its specific program. Anyone who has a qualifying condition may apply and be certified.

What if I’m not approved?

No worries! In the rare case you are not approved your appointment charge will be refunded. There is absolutley no risk.

What are the benefits of having my medical card?

You will gain access to high-quality, laboratory-tested medical cannabis products without ever having to wonder exactly what strain you are getting, or what cannabinoids or terpenes are contained within it.

What types of payment or insurance are accepted?

Health insurance does not cover any aspect of a state’s medical cannabis program, since cannabis remains illegal on a federal level. All costs involved, including certification appointment and the medical cannabis products themselves, are out-of-pocket costs.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes, we’ll keep it safe but you’re always in control. We use industry-leading software and enterprise-grade encryption to secure your data and keep your information private and protected.

How much do certifications and renewals cost?

The complete cost of certification is only $199. This includes your virtual doctor appointment and state recommendation. Please note our charges do not include any state-based/registration fees, such as annual card fees, etc. Help with state registration is available for only $10.

What if I have more questions?

You can always find more helpful information and resources specific to your state in the Learn section of our website, or simply reach out to us via our live chat or Contact pages.

Are there any term commitments?

There are no absolutely no term commitments. We prefer to have our doctors stay because our tools make their daily patient commitments easier to manage and more profitable, not because of locked-in contracts and legalese.

How much can I really make with Emerald Origins?

For a physician working full-time doing consults (40 hours per week), pay would be substantially more than full-time in an office-based practice. There is no need to do this full-time however. You can still bring in a substantial extra income even if you want to consults part-time (or even occasionally) to supplement an existing full-time job.

How much time will it take to learn the platform?

The platform is very intuitive and narrowly-focused (unlike common EMRs) and should take just a few minutes to review and understand.

What if I have more questions regarding your platform for doctors?

You can always find more helpful information and resources specific to your state in the Learn section of our website, or simply reach out to us via our live chat or Contact pages.






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